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Teq AV/IT has products from merging AV and IT industry to take benefits of best technology from both. Teq AV/IT is known for its Wireless Computer video receiver / wireless presentation gateway, complete line of AV (Audio, high-resolution and HD video) Extenders, CAT5 interface and twisted-pair active baluns, Network recorder and simultaneous broadcaster over LAN/WAN (netRPB) and IPTV player add to Teq AV/IT product line. Teq AV/IT’s products are integral part of any projects of AV system integration or dynamic digital signage/ narrowcasting or info-communication projects or installations world-wide.

Teq AV/IT product integrate with other industry-standard components of a complete AV and IT system like display, sources, network, servers, and control systems. Some simple products can be self-installed (do it yourself DIY with in-house AV expert, network or IT administrator) or more complex products installed by a professional audio video (proAV) dealer, system integrator or IT VAR as a part of complete turn-key system / project. Teq AV/IT sells it products through a world-wide network of AV dealers and IT VAR and direct to a certain group of end-users like most AV manufacturers.

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CVH105 - VGA-HDMI Format Converter
Simply connect your component video source or PC VGA source to the input of this HDMI converter and connect the HDMI out from this converter to your HDTV display and the converter will do the rest for you.
SCC121 VGA/Component video to Component video/VGA Scaler Converter
HD Scaler-Converter is an all-in-1 solution for video resolution scaling up/scaling down, PC VGA to TV scan conversion and multiple video format conversion. Display videos from any HDTV source or PC/MAC VGA source on your big screen display at the highest resolution.
WiD410 - Wireless Projection Display Audio-Video Receiver for PC, Mac and Mobile OS
WiD410 is 4th generation wireless video receiver from Teq AV/IT, the high-resolution computer video transmission.

World’s best and complete DVI video extender over single fiber up to 1000-ft(300-m) with Audio, RS-232, IR or Keyboard-Mouse now shipping from Teq AV/IT

Fiber Extender
Extend Full 1080p HDMI video or high-resolution QUXGA DVI Digital Computer Video signal from Digital Signage or Media Player /PC or Server rack to any LCD monitor, TV, Plasma, or Projector at affordable cost for best quality of loss-less image along with stereo audio and any control signal like RS-232 or IR up to 1000-ft (300-m) over single MMF fiber cable.
+ Pure 1080p HD signal or QUXGA Computer digital video DVI-D extended 1000-ft(300-m) without any signal loss.
+ Control Projectors, LCD or Plasma displays or Projectors with IR (Infra-red) or RS-232 control or send touch-panel signals back to source computer.
+ Only One MMF fiber needed- More reliability and reduction in Cable, installation and operating cost. Going Green.
Teq AV/IT’s products can be used in any AV system integration project or dynamic digital signage / narrowcasting or info-communication projects or installations world-wide. Teq AV/IT equipment are used in corporate, business / offices, education (schools, colleges, universities, private), retail stores, supermarkets, Transportation (airports, train-station, bus-stations, ferry-stands), banks and other financial institutions, hospitality (hotel, restaurants, fast-food joints, bars, clubs), healthcare (hospitals, clinics, doctor/dentist office), churches, temples, government buildings, multi-story buildings, large facilities, industrial/manufacturing plants, theaters, sports complexes and many more venues and locations.
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Which location is ideal for installing digital signage player?

Installing in controlled, secured and easily accessible rack or equipment close is ideal, along with LAN, power, TV input and other AV equipment.

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Quick Fact:Teq AV/IT has merging and emerging products for AV and IT projects and installations like wireless, CAT5 AV Extenders, IPTV and computer recorder broadcaster over network LAN through its world-wide network
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